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Client Events New Zealand

How important are client events for my New Zealand business?

All business is based on relationships and client events provide an opportunity to strengthen existing client relationships and build new relationships. They provide an opportunity to get to know the detail of your clients business and expand possibilities for new business by increasing your understanding of opportunities. Client relationship building can be as simple as a game of golf, but more benefit may be gained by sharing a challenging experience with a client.

Client events can be used to introduce potential clients to your business and gain an understanding of their needs in a non threatening environment. Client events can provide an informal venue for networking and obtaining referrals.

Using a facilitating company like erewards to set up events for you and your clients will ensure that the event is run professionally and you and your staff will not be distracted from the primary purpose of the event - getting to know your clients better.

It is regularly stated in business publications that it is far easier to grow your business through maintaining a successful relationship with existing clients than trying to find new ones. In the busy day to day process of running your business it is often difficult to find time to get together with clients, but it is precisely this type of activity that makes clients feel valued. Having regular contact in an informal atmosphere provides opportunities for clients to discuss any issues that they may not have the time or inclination to discuss in their normal working day.

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What are the benefits of client events?

- Allow clients to feel valued and so increase the lifetime value of a client with your business

- Get to know your existing customers at a more personal level and build relationships with them

- Become more aware of how clients businesses are developing and the opportunities this presents for your business

- Provide opportunities for clients to raise any issues in the existing business relationship

What types of client activities does erewards offer?

erewards client events are diverse and can range from a formal cocktail evening to an event built around an activity such as go karting, a fishing charter or a golf school, or hosting clients at the theatre or a sports event.

Some of our clients ask us to prepare a schedule of events - one a month throughout the year so this activity is well-established in their marketing programme and they simply invite appropriate clients to the events as they come up..

Contact us to discuss your requirements and budget then we will build an event or programme of events to suit. You can relax and be assured that we take care of the fine details and we only work with top quality facilitators.

A few examples of Client Events:

Why choose erewards to organise your client events?

We have the experience to customise an event to your particular needs. Our fabulous range of client event ideas is unique and designed to attract the attention of participants and make them feel special.

The approach we offer is simple and our complete service ensures a painless implementation and a successful outcome for you.

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How do I find out more information?

This page should give you a taste of what we have to offer. Use the contact form to give us some details of your event requirements, (numbers, dates, budget, and how active you want to be) and we will get back to you with some specific suggestions for your client event. You can call us on 0800 200 204 or click here to email us.


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