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Christmas Functions - Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch NZ

Christmas functions offer a great opportunity to get all your staff together and show them your appreciation for all their hard work during the year. Christmas tends to be a very busy time for most businesses so it's important that you get your planning in early, both to ensure that you can get the event you choose on the day that suits and so that your staff can fit your company function into their busy social schedules.

Lately we have noticed that some companies have been shifting their Christmas events either into November or some even into February to ensure that it can be a function that is enjoyed by all. As long as you book early (generally by July/August) you should be able to have a wide choice of event type and location.

Some considerations for your Christmas Function:
1. Are you going to give your staff some time off during the day, or will it be an evening function?
2. Do you want something that will encourage staff to interact and be an ice-breaker to people who work together a lot, but don't necessarily socialise together?
3. Are you happy for people to get dirty, or is it going to be a more formal dress-up affair?
4. Generally people incorporate a meal into their Christmas function - do you want buffet style or a more formal sit-down meal?
5. Do you want Christmas fare or something more simple such as a BBQ?
6. Transport is an issue when people are drinking - have you given some thought to location and how this will be managed?
7. Will partners be invited?
8. Are you going to do something for your clients, and will this be a separate event?
9. What budget are you working with, and what will it allow you to do?
10. How will alcohol be managed? Will you run a ticket system, or a bar tab?

For more ideas please browse the other event pages on this website as any of these suggestions can be used as a Christmas Function.

Samples of the types of Christmas events we offer:

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