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Race Car Events - Client Events NZ

We are able to offer the following at Hampton Downs:
Hot Laps ride
Ride & Drive experience

We are able to offer the following at Taupo:
Drive a V8 Holden or Ford
Drive a Formula Challenge race car
Drive a V8 AND Formula Challenge race car

Stunt Car Driving in Auckland

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Hot Laps at Hampton Downs
An ideal gift comprising 3 flat-out laps as a passenger at full, white-knuckle race speeds with an experienced race driver in a BMW 130i race car. The experience of a lifetime - not for the faint hearted! Mike Eady, your driver, has an enviable 20-year record of finishes at sprint and long distance races, and he has competed at Bathurst twice, and 5 times in Germany's famous 24-hour event at the Nurburgring circuit winning his class on four occasions. Duration: 3 laps.

Price $175.00 plus GST per person

Ride & Drive at Hampton Downs
A very unique corporate event. This is your chance to drive a BMW 130i race car at racing speeds. You will be coached from the passenger seat using the in-car intercom linked between your helmet and the instructor's helmet to help you create your perfect lap at one of New Zealand's leading race tracks.A data logger measures and compares your performance. You will receive a visual print-out of your fastest lap which you can then compare to the others. Duration: 6 laps driving, and 3 hot laps.

Price $400.00 plus GST per person

Drive a V8 Race Car at Taupo
Drive a Holden or Ford V8 race car for 8 exhilarating laps on Taupo's International race circuit. After a brief introduction one of our nationally qualified instructors will run through the theory of racing then its out to the track where your race team will kit you up in race gear including race suit, gloves, boots and helmet. Strap into the cockpit and the race is on. Learn about race lines braking points and acceleration techniques.

Price $375.00 plus GST per person

Drive a Formula Challenge Car at Taupo
A great client event! How many of your clients would have driven a real race car? Climb in the cockpit and experience the magic normally reserved for seasoned professionals. Witness the awesome acceleration as you ease on the power. Marvel at the handling as you take the most amazing drive of your life with the excitement of F1 style "wings and slicks". The trained Motorsport Instructors are professionals who know the full capabilities of the race cars - their enthusiasm and expertise will reassure and encourage you. As your confidence grows, they'll help you maximise your potential to the limits of enjoyment and excitement without ever compromising on safety.

Price $325.00 plus GST per person

Stunt Car Driving - Auckland
This is where you get the chance to learn and perform for yourself all those exciting manoeuvres and techniques that you have seen in the movie car chases.Our experienced instructors will take you through all the slides, spins and techniques. Before you know it, you will be performing 180's, reverse spins and stunt parking between cars, plus much more. From those who have no experience what so ever, to those who believe they're the world's greatest drivers.

Price for 2.5 hours: $260.00 per person plus GST
Price for 3.5 hours: $360.00 per person plus GST

Use the contact form to give us some details of the date you want for your event, the number of clients and transport and accommodation requirements. We will get back to you to confirm availability of the date and discuss the finer details. You can call us on 0800 200 204 or click here to email us.


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