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Wii - team event New Zealand

wii team event

What? No... Really? How is Wii a team building event? Well... we wondered about it too but, after running our first Wii Team Event in early 2010, we knew exactly what a winner this event is.

If you know Wii, you may picture two people playing 1 on 1 – but that’s not one of our Wii Team Events. What you actually get is your entire team cheering and yelling, every team member totally involved and engaged, competition galore and even the odd bit of cheating. “Did you see that ref!?”

If you’ve never Wii’d before, then here’s a quick explanation; With Wii you will become a jet skier, canoeist, cyclist or sword fighter within minutes and be able to compete on an equal footing with anyone. It isn’t a twiddle your thumbs, eyes fixed and staring, video game – you need to simulate the movement of the sport being played.

The way in which we facilitate Wii Team Events, with various twists and turns, ensures that ‘experts’ will be levelled out, that everyone in your team will totally and happily participate and that your belly will ache from laughing and you'll lose your voice from cheering!

There is not many indoor team or corporate activities that provide this level of competitiveness and flexibility.

We can run a fully facilitated Wii Team Event for your group, with many different themes and formats - from Olympics, Quizzes, Sports Tabloids, etc. Events are run on a round robin basis, with unique twists to ensure full participation from everyone and to ensure every team is on a level playing field. The finale is a 'Wii-off' with the top teams - usually projected onto a large screen for full audience involvement.

Wii Team Events can be run in virtually any indoor environment, we just bring along the Wii consoles, controllers, nunchucks, and games, 42" Plasma screens on purpose-built stands, data projectors if required to make Wii GIANT, and our team of Wii facilitators/operators/referees/peace keepers! It's the perfect event to squeeze into a conference break or team building day at the office.

This event is suitable for groups of 8-120 people

This is available throughout New Zealand.

Time required is normally 1-2 hours.

Price varies depending on variables of event (group size, locations, etc.).

How do I get more information about a Wii team building event for my business?

Use the contact form to give us some details of the date you want and the number of people. We will get back to you to confirm availability of the date and discuss the finer details. You can call us on 0800 200 204 or click here to email us.


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