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Build My Ride - charity team building event NZ

build my ride charity team building

Build brand new bikes to give to deserving kids and, at the same time, build your team... a “win win win win” event, for your team, your organisation, the kids, and you as the organiser.

    The event in a nutshell:
  • Complete challenging and slick team activities to earn parts for brand new bikes
  • Build the bikes (no mechanical experience needed)
  • Give the bikes away to deserving kids ON THE DAY
  • Get medals (if your team wins)

Your group will be split into smaller competing teams to earn and assemble parts of a bike in the quickest time however, the key is that, unknown to them, they will also give the bike away to a deserving child at the conclusion of the event. They are told that there is a ‘higher purpose’ to the event, but not what it is.

To earn their bike parts and tools, teams participate in a series of 15 minute head-to-head team challenges which are very competitive, do-able by all, and huge fun. The challenges are a mixture of physical and mental, all carefully selected to challenge teamwork and emphasise fun as opposed to testing team fitness. These challenges can be indoor or outdoor depending on the venue and weather.

If the team is not successful in a challenge they have penalty minutes added on to their time but still receive the bike part.

Once all the bike parts have been earned, teams select a Chief Mechanic who is briefed on how to build their bikes and what standards are required. They are then told that they are only allowed to touch the front brakes – the rest of the team must build the remainder of the bike with the Chief Mechanic supervising only.

Half-way through the building process, the kids arrive and, after being introduced (and teams realise what the ‘higher purpose’ really is!), the kids help build their own bikes – cool! Teams now take it way more seriously!

Once the bike has been assembled, it must pass a Warrant of Fitness. For each ‘failed’ item on the WOF, minutes are added to the team time. Therefore, the first team to have their bike completed may not necessarily win.

The real power of the event comes at the end, when medals are presented to the winning team by selected underprivileged children, who are then themselves presented their bikes by each of the teams.

In the past we have worked with Child Cancer Foundation, Kidney Kids, Ronald McDonald House, Refugee Services and a number of other charities. You can select from these or you may have another charity you want to work with.

The main benefit will be the ‘buzz’ afterwards – you will see a real shift in team spirit and energy. Also, the teams will benefit from working together, strategising on how to win, communicating and getting to know each other better. Then, of course, there’s the BIGGIE of doing something soooo good for someone else – this provides amazing team bonding!

You provide the team, we provide the fun and games! What better way to spend an afternoon than have some crazy fun and make some deserving children happy!

This event is suitable for groups of 8-250 people

This is available throughout New Zealand.

Time required is normally 2.5 hours.

Price varies depending on variables of event (group size, locations, etc.).

How do I get more information about a Build My Ride charity team building event for my business?

Use the contact form to give us some details of the date you want and the number of people. We will get back to you to confirm availability of the date and discuss the finer details. You can call us on 0800 200 204 or click here to email us.

NB. Prices subject to change, please contact us for a quote.


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