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The Amazing Race - our most popular team building event!

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The event in a nutshell (you’ll know what we’re talking about if you’ve watched the TV show):

Set in Downtown Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington or the location of your choice, this is a fun event where teams compete against each other and the clock, collecting points for completing various tasks to find an eventual winner.

A team building event which will include EVERYONE in your team. The team challenges in the race cater to everyone and are very competitive and huge fun! Your team will be buzzing at the end of the event.

Your group will be split into smaller 'race' teams (4 people per team) which will compete against each other. Teams are provided with a list of tasks, each task worth different points. There are many more tasks to choose from than there is time to complete them, so each team will need to work on a strategy to gain the most points. Teams are given a sum of cash to work with during the race and will gain points for being economical.

Just like on TV! You get to complete:
  • Detours = photo and movie tasks - creative and often absolutely hilarious
  • Pit Stops = assigned places where all teams meet-up, and
  • Road Blocks = a choice between two challenging tasks - one more mental, one more physical...

The first team home wins medals however, the ultimate winner - the team with the most points from throughout the event - is announced after participants re-live their event with a data show - always a highlight.

Digital cameras are used to record “success” in tasks as the race proceeds and the budget available provides another factor they must take into account. The event concludes in a bar, restaurant or some other location where points are tallied and digital images shown using a projector. Prizes are awarded to the winning team.

Intensity of your race is up to you - we can custom design a race just for your team taking into account your specific team members, your location, budget and aspirations. We can include Segways, boats, planes, trains or automobiles. You can can go coast to coast or even island to island. 

This event is suitable for 8+ people and can accommodate very large groups.

Time required is normally 2.3 - 3 hours required, or we can do an Express Amazing race for those with time/budget restraints in half the time of a full race. Price varies depending on variables of event (group size, locations, prizes, etc.).

How do I get more information about an amazing race staff event for my business?

Use the contact form to give us some details of the location, date you want, the number of people and the timeframe you have available. We will get back to you to confirm availability of the date and discuss the finer details so we can provide a fim price. You can call us on 0800 200 204 or click here to email us.

NB. Prices subject to change, please contact us for a quote.


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